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Information is power. Digital signage can be used to communicate information with a viewer in many ways, such as through text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements. For example, digital signage can: Communicate with customers by displaying advertisements, coupons, or other content; Communicate with employees by displaying information about a work area or company history; customers and employees by displaying other types of information, such as a map or a menu of food or drinks; Communicate with a facility or
A sign made of words or phrases that provide clues to the reader to what it is or what it means. A sign is often used to create an understanding of a thing or a person. This could be a website that provides information about a person, a picture that tells a story, or a song that describes a moment in time.
The future of Digital Signage could be a world of “Virtual Reality”.
Digital signs present many opportunities for designers to incorporate information in ways that can be of use to communities or businesses. These signs can provide a constant source of information and can be an effective way of disseminating messages.


In this talk on Future of Digital Signage we will dive into the world of LED Signage, digital signage software, projectors and digital signage systems.
The digital age has had a major impact on the industry. The use of digital wall screen technology has become more appealing to marketing professionals and corporate marketers than ever before.


“Future of Digital Signage”’, by Dr. Gisela Bortolotti,
Digital signage is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the digital media market, with many companies starting to invest in the technology. The use of digital signage has increased significantly and many companies are now using digital media to deliver information.
In the 21st century, the digital age has radically changed the world. From the moment we turn on our television, the entire planet is at our fingertips. Technology and digital media have become integral parts of our everyday lives.
The future of digital signage is in large part shaped by the ubiquity of mobile devices.

Business to reach

The term “digital signage” covers everything from advertising to retail to public transportation to entertainment. 
The future of digital menu board technology is an extremely interesting topic. 
As the technology continues to evolve, it will continue to shape the way we communicate.
Signage is a graphic or design feature of a building or building system such as logos, lettering, icons or other pictorial material or symbolic representations. In the 21st century, signage has been experiencing significant changes.
Digital Signage is the use of digital display, and digital signage technology is the most common type of digital signage.
The internet has developed into the digital infrastructure of society, linking people, businesses, organizations, communities and governments. As the world continues to adopt the internet as a primary communication channel, digital signage and mobile media will continue to have a major impact within the real estate, marketing, hospitality industries and more.

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