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Describe The Functioning Of A Moisture Balance?

To Define in brief: a moisture balance is used to determine the amount of moisture present in a product. These are utilized in industries related to liquids, solids and specific items like food, gasoline and medications.

Swastik Systems & Services is a Leading Moisture Balance Manufacturer; If you are looking for moisture balance equipment of top quality. Let us explain how to make the best use of moisture balance:

Working of Moisture Balance:

First of all, it records the initial Weight of the product. Only a small amount of commodity is used to analyze initially. In the next stage, heating elements such as halogen bulbs or infrared light emit heat to make the sample dry. 

Not only are these the only elements used for producing heat, but different manufacturers use different elements. In the final stage, it calculates the presence of moisture by subtracting the final Weight from the original Weight.

However, these balances should be used skillfully. In the initial calculation, they can calculate the moisture weight in a solid commodity. Furthermore, materials such as alcohol and other liquids might evaporate with moisture. 

Swastik Systems and Services also have platform Scales that ensure the weight of everyday goods. These balances Can survive in wet and dusty environments. They are one of the leading Platform Scale Manufacturers.

Let us discuss how you can attain an appropriate calculation of the material with moisture:

The environment where it is kept should be appropriate, and the balance should be placed suitably. It would be best if you eliminated temperature fluctuations, humidity levels and excessive dust in the area because this can immensely affect the accuracy of the result.

Always use clean sample pans, and do not use them twice.

Ensure to cover the pan’s whole surface with the equal material distribution.

You must not overload the balance with raw materials to use it for a longer time and refrain from repair costs. Otherwise, it will harm the equipment. Since it is delicate, its internal systems might stop producing accurate results.

Calibration is one of the most significant parts of weighing devices. It would help if you regularly calibrated the instrument based on heating and weighing.

Effect of sample mass on measurement accuracy:

If you distribute material equally throughout the Process, you will always get suit and correct calculations.

There are some considerations that you can take into account while measuring moisture level in a material, Such as:

  • If you choose a higher quantity of material for analyzing, then the Process will take more time.
  • The balance should be appropriately calibrated (heating element). Otherwise accuracy level will decrease.
  • A larger quantity of material will extend the procedure.
  • It will reduce the precision percentage.
  • The Process will have to be repeated many times for accurate results.

You might have understood that moisture balance is delicate equipment, and the Process they follow to evaluate results is significantly time-consuming. The position of the calculation will be affected by:

  1.  the Quantity of sample
  2.  calibration
  3.  how well the materials are spread over the pan.

Moisture balance required a minimal quantity of a product to determine calculation.

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