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Common Central Heating Problems & How to fix them

Central heating usually doesn’t catch your eye until you start shivering. Effective troubleshooting of central heating systems should start with getting to know your system and inspecting it for things that are most likely to cause problems. Among the aspects of the central heating system that you should know are the ducts, dampers, filters and supply grilles.

Check the air filter if you notice that the heat is not as warm as usual. The filter traps airborne particles to prevent them from entering the system. The problem is that after it captures the particles, the air doesn’t flow as easily and the central heating has to work harder to do the same job. Remove the filter and if it’s dirty, change it. This can result in an immediate and noticeable change in air temperature.

Inspect fans on a regular basis. Belt drive fans will not work well unless they have the specific tension. Check to see if the belt is frayed, broken or worn, as this can affect the tension and cause the fan to run less efficiently. Some motors have oil ports at the end of the shaft. Check if the fan needs more oil.

Check the thermostat, fuse, or circuit breakers if the system isn’t producing any heat. The thermostat may be set too low or the main switch may be open. Check to make sure it’s high enough and switch circuits to determine if the system is getting power.

Listen carefully if the central heating turns on and off too often. The most likely cause for this is the filter is clogged or the fan is causing the unit to overheat. If replacing the filter doesn’t fix the problem, try adjusting the fan belt so it’s more flexible, but make sure it doesn’t leak.

Check the thermostat if air is coming out but it’s not hot enough. If the thermostat setting isn’t working and the filter isn’t dirty, then it’s time to check the ductwork as it may be clogged. A vacuum with a setting that allows you to get into the duct can usually solve this problem. Turn off the fan before trying this.

Break down of a central heating system because of boiler defect often turns out to be a costly affair. And the loss of hot water in the cold season is definitely unpleasant. Feel free to contact us at Gas it Up to fix your problem within the shortest possible time frame.

Strange sounds coming from your boiler is also called kettling. If you get a noise when the pilot light ignites for the first time, it may be because of trapped air. Vent excess air through the air bleed screw. If that does not solve the issue, make sure that enough water gets into the boiler tank. The issue may also arise because of sludge build-up. Flush the system to fix the issue. If there is a pressure system, make sure it is set to the right level.

One last cause can be a blown fuse. If you replace the fuse and turn the unit on and the breaker trips again, you may need to call a qualified technician You can call Gas it up is you are looking for Central heating Manchester.

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