Buying Men’s Underwear in Three Simple Steps

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Buying Men’s Underwear in Three Simple Steps

Choosing the correct men’s underwear is difficult, especially when purchasing for someone else. There are numerous considerations to make to avoid purchasing unsuitable or inappropriate men’s underwear. You should choose a style that is both comfortable and appealing to the individual you are buying for. However, there are numerous underwear brands to pick from, making the work a little easier.

The correct pair of cotton boxers for men can be the most crucial piece of clothing a man wears, but it’s the one he’s least likely to buy. Soft, supportive, and always there Men tend to stick with the underwear brand or style they grew up with, but it doesn’t always imply they’re wearing the best pair for their preferences and body type.

In fact, in the last several years, the underwear market has become saturated with a slew of new brands, each offering high-quality at a reasonable price. You get what you pay for with the best boxer shorts for men, and it’s never a good idea to skimp on quality. It’s something you want to last because the person you’re buying for will wear it frequently.

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If you’re buying underwear from a brand you’ve never heard of before, check the sizing, seams, and stitching to ensure the fabric will last and not break apart after a few washes. CHECK the size chart; a Medium can differ from one brand to the next. You don’t want to arrive home and discover that your smalls are considerably smaller than you anticipated!

There are plenty of savings to be gained if you choose to buy boxer shorts online. Shoes, pants, and suits are best purchased in person, but if you have a favorite style or brand of underwear that you have previously purchased and enjoyed, you may expect to find it online, frequently at a lower price.

3 step guide to buying men’s underwear

Step 1: First, find out when and where you are going to wear them?

  • Brief for the business and any other casual day

Many millennials may be hesitant to purchase briefs because of the stigma connected with them throughout our childhood in the 1990s and 2000s. However, as we know modern men’s briefs, we’ve grown up, and briefs are becoming increasingly trendy. Briefs look great with suit pants, are cool on hot days, and are perfect for seductive date nights. Briefs also have a raw sex appeal that trunks and boxer briefs lack. We would recommend you to try trunks first to get used to how small briefs are if you’re transitioning from boxer briefs to briefs. This intermediate stage is especially important if you spend a lot of time in your underpants.

  • Athlete, gyming, hiking, and another exercise

Long-leg boxer briefs are recommended for men who sweat a lot and are prone to skin discomfort. They have a 7″ to 9″ inseam (normal boxer briefs have a 4″–6″ inseam), which provides more coverage around your legs and the fabric of your shorts. Long-leg boxer briefs can help with perspiration prevention and cooling if you get moisture-wicking material. Athletic boxer briefs perform just as well if you don’t have itchiness or don’t want the bit of length.

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  • For relaxed weekends and summer chillouts

Boxer briefs or trunks made of bamboo and modal are my favorite. I don’t mind being seen by nosy neighbors because the cloth is so comfortable and the boxer underwear and trunks provide adequate coverage.

Furthermore, boxer briefs function well in all scenarios, from intense sweating during sports to lounging around at home all day. If you’re not sure what to get, a great pair of bamboo or modal boxer briefs and trunks are a great place to start.


Step 2: which material to go for?

  • For heavy exercise and other related activities

While synthetic, polyester and nylon-based mixes are often quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and work well when wet. These blends outperform moisture-loving cotton, which simply absorbs sweat and water, leaving you with damp underpants.

If you’re buying polyester or nylon underwear, make sure it has at least 10% spandex/elastane, preferably 15-20%, like my Puma boxer briefs. Polyester and nylon stretch more easily with spandex and elastane, resulting in a significantly more comfortable fit than raw plastic.

  • For any other occasion go for bamboo and modal

You already know how much I love bamboo and modal underwear if you’ve read any other portion of my site. Bamboo and modal, which are softer and more durable than cotton, far more breathable than polyester/nylon, and far more environmentally friendly than both, are the ideal fabrics for men’s underwear, in my opinion.

5 percent spandex or elastin is found in most bamboo and modal men’s underwear. To be safe, stick to a percentage of 5% or greater (some brands go as low as only 2 percent spandex or elastane). Premium products may have a spandex/elastane composition of 7-10%. Although high spandex/elastane underwear is more luxurious, you don’t need to spend more than 5% on modal and bamboo underwear.

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Step 3: pick up the correct size

In men’s boxer underwear, getting the appropriate “band fit” is just as crucial as picking the right design and fabric. While a man’s pants size is a good indicator of his underwear size. It’s preferable to measure waist circumference with a dressmaker’s measuring tape. Additionally, much as the fit of outerwear varies depending on the manufacturer, it’s a good idea to consult the fit guide on the website of an underwear maker. Once the pairs are out of the package, this will protect them from feeling too tight or too loose.

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