Bhrigu Lake Trek – Guide and Itinerary

Trekking to high-altitude glacial lakes is an adventure in and of itself, and it piques the curiosity of every hiker. These high-altitude lakes are typically difficult to access, requiring days of climbing and crossing rough terrain before the sight of the lake can be appreciated. The magnificent Bhrigu Lake Trek in the upper Kullu Valley, centered on the eastern side of the famous Rohtang pass in Himachal Pradesh, can keep all of these difficult obstacles at bay. This is an excellent weekend hiking adventure that will provide enough entertainment for both novice and seasoned hikers. The Bhrigu Lake Trek, located at an elevation of 14,000 feet, provides intriguing natural sights and spectacular views of snow-capped mountains, lush meadows, and luscious thick woods.

The Bhrigu Lake Trek has become one of the most popular trekking trips due to its unfailing display of natural splendor and its status as one of the easiest treks in the Himalayas. Even without prior trekking experience, anyone with good physical health can readily enjoy the privilege of hiking to the special lake region.

The beautiful Bhrigu lake has important historical and religious significance. According to information offered by locals, the lake is linked to Sage Bhrigu because the pious spirit is said to have performed deep meditation and rites on the lake’s banks hundreds of years ago. Locals say that several Kullu valley Gods have bathed in the hallowed waters of the lake, making it sacrosanct to believers. Bhrigu Lake is about 6 kilometers from Gulaba, a picturesque town about 22 kilometers from Manali. The scenic vistas of the region are absolutely captivating, which also makes the trekking experience overwhelming.

The mythology of Bhrigu Lake

At this lake, Maharishi Bhrigu, one of Hinduism’s seven sages, sat in deep meditation. Locals say that due to its spiritual link, the lake never totally freezes over, no matter how cold it gets.

The lake never freezes, and legend has it that the Kullu region’s regional Gods come here to bathe in the sacred waters. Every couple of years, Guru Vashisht visits the lake, which is announced by a “means.” Devotees make intricate plans to accompany him on his bi-annual tour of the lake during his visit.

Equipment Required 

While on any trek, there is a list of essentials that you should always have with you. So, this isn’t a list of Bhrigu Lake treks, but rather a list of treks. When it comes to packing for your adventure, these are a must-have.

  • If you’re going to bring trekking equipment, you’ll need a backpack bag with a built-in rain cover.
  • When trekking, you should always bring a day pack, a head torch/light with extra batteries, and appropriate boots. Skid-free, high-ankle trekking shoes are required. They’re essential because the shoes shouldn’t induce blisters.
  • Wear t-shirts that dry quickly and comfy apparel. Trekking can be done in full-sleeved shirts or sweaters. When you’re high up on a mountain, your skin quickly becomes parched. As a result, sunscreen creams are in high demand since they keep your skin from drying out. You should also have a lip balm and a face moisturizer on hand.
  • Always have glucose powder on hand because it can provide quick energy. You can also bring along easy-to-carry nuts or chocolate bars. When you come to trek, don’t bring any suitcases.

Itinerary for Bhrigu Lake Trek

Day 1- Arrive at Manali’s Base Camp

Early in the morning, arriving at Manali’s base. Check into the camps or lodgings as specified in the package. After that, go on your own to explore the gorgeous town of Manali and discover all it has to offer. Enjoy the session arranged for you in the evening, and the trek leader will walk you through the safety procedures and bag preparation for the hike. Enjoy your great dinner and retire early for the night because the trek begins the next day.

Day 2- From Manali to Kulang, use the Manali-Kulang Highway.

Get up early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the magnificent sunrise. We begin our journey to Kulang, which is 45 minutes distant, after a delicious breakfast. From here, we travel to Mori Thach, where we will set up our base camp. The climb to Mori Thach is about 4/5 kilometers long and follows a moderate ascent that becomes harder in some parts. Take a break for lunch and explore the neighboring surroundings as well as the picturesque campsite. We’ll have a great time telling stories and eating dinner around a warm campfire in the evening. Before retiring to your tents for the night, enjoy the delicious food that has been prepared for you.

Day 3- Mori Thach to Bhrigu Lake and return trek

Begin your day with a great breakfast and a spectacular Himalayan sunrise! Today comes our hike up to Bhrigu Lake. Take your lunch with you, which we’ll have along the lakeside, and you’re good to go! The hike begins with a gentle incline, taking us past grasslands and sections of forest. Meanwhile, the spectacular views of the distant snow-capped Himalayas never leave us. Take in the breathtaking picture of the lake as you approach it, nestled snugly between two high-altitude Himalayan mountains. The lake’s color fluctuates throughout the year, depending on the seasons and weather. It changes color from emerald green to deep royal blue to clear sky blue to green again. Begin your descent to Mori Thach’s campground after enjoying your meal and the view. After you’ve arrived at the campsite, take a break and rest. Take in the breathtaking sights of the Himalayan sunset in the evening. You can retire for the evening after your delectable dinner.

Day 4- Trek back to Kulang and fly back to Manali

Start walking from Mori Thach to Kulang after a delicious breakfast. The walk follows a moderately descending terrain throughout and takes 3-4 hours to complete. As your vacation with us draws to a conclusion, we begin the drive back to Manali after arriving in Kulang.

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