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Digital Marketing

Areas for improvement In Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important part of any effective marketing strategy. Better, it is essential in the growth of your company and for its competitiveness on its market. Although effective, developing a lead generation strategy is a big challenge. To help you meet it, we have concocted some ideas for you. You can get in touch with Lead Generation Agency in London

SEO as a solution to generate leads

Lead generation is a process to identify potential customers for your business, and direct them to your sales forecast . It aims in fact to identify and qualify in advance the buyers showing an interest in your services and your activity. Without understanding the interest of the prospect, you cannot approach him in the best way and convert him.

To achieve this ideal, natural referencing (SEO) is one of the best avenues you can use . Doing SEO means optimizing your website for search engines, and adopting the best practices associated with this matter. This way, you will get an increasing flow of traffic, and therefore more leads .

Said like that, everything seems simple. But in practice, organic referencing is laborious work, which calls for constant monitoring. Indeed, Google and other search engines are constantly updating, thus increasing the technical requirements associated with the optimization of websites. However, generating leads through SEO is not limited to technical requirements. There are also editorial requirements .

Simply put, generating leads through SEO requires:

  • to verify that your website can be identified, crawled and indexed by search engines,
  • to have a responsive design and mobile friendly site,
  • to guarantee the Internet user a unique user experience,
  • establish a list of relevant keywords and a rich semantic field,
  • to offer unique, original and value-added content,
  • to generate relevant links to its site and to create internal links.

Social networks, another source of visibility

Social networks are also relevant and effective channels for generating leads. Their strength lies in their virality. They therefore allow you to create commitment within a large community committed to your cause. In addition, it should also be noted that social media have an impact on the behavior and purchasing decision of Internet users.

As long as they follow a company or like its policies, 51% of Facebook users and 67% of Twitter users are inclined to buy its products or seek out its services. This shows the impact that social media can have on your numbers. These numbers can increase significantly if you make a habit of sharing your optimized content on these networks . However, segment your posts on social networks, at the risk of appearing invasive.

The configuration of the conversion tunnel

After doing SEO, generating content and sharing publications on social networks, you now have to convert prospects . Conversions are assessed according to your objectives. It can be placing an order, making an appointment to come to the company, making reservations, registering for a workshop, etc. In any case, you will have collected their contact details.

One-off marketing campaigns

Once you’ve collected your leads’ contact details, you can now integrate them into your CRM. They become qualified prospects towards whom it will be necessary to carry out certain marketing actions to make them evolve at the end of the funnel . In this sense, it is possible to initiate a marketing automation campaign, do lead nurturing and undertake other personalized communication actions-Dymoblog.

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