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Are You Thinking About Investing In Return on Investment (ROI)? Here’s Answer

Wide-format printers, also known as large-format printers or grand-format printers and hoarding signage are typically used to print on materials that are a minimum of 18 inches in width. However, they are able to print in any size.
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If you’re a business that frequently outsourced large-format printing jobs and you’re not able to capitalise on the many benefits associated with the purchase of an internal wide-format printer. Certain industries have a more extensive demand for sign printing than others.

These are most commonly used industries include:

Engineering And Architecture

Design and building: To print plans and concepts for designing rooms including site plans, blueprints, construction site plans and more. Interior designers would like to have the ability to modify wallpaper and wall art to give a consistent style to the space.

Marketing And Advertising

Printing all kinds of marketing materials, from posters and banners to wraps for vehicles and trade display graphics. The flexibility to print fast and adjust the campaign as required by your customer. Banners are, in actuality, among the top sought-after large-format software applications available today.

Production, Automotive As Well As Transportation

Printing cartography maps presentation, facilities maps and aerial photos, as well as posters with exterior and interior designs for public transportation, etc.

Health Care And Entertainment

Large format printers in London are perfect for large-scale graphics printing for movie theatres, arts buildings, and hospitals–particularly children’s hospitals.

A wide-format printer for your office isn’t an easy choice. They were certainly expensive! There are many concerns associated when you make such an expense. This article will cover the major elements to take into account before you open your cash.

What Is The Best Moment To Purchase An All-Format Printer?

There are many advantages of using a sign printing company within your company, such as speedy turnaround, high capacity of production as well as enhanced security and security to mention a few, especially in cases where your needs for printing large-format are large.

In the end, there will be a point at which the investment will yield lower print costs than what you’d pay to outsource. Printing will always cost you more for printing than you could achieve by yourself, so once you reach an amount that is certain that cost savings will eventually cover the initial expense of the printer, as well as the ongoing maintenance and costs associated with the product.

What is it that a wide-format print printer can do that an ordinary office MFP isn’t able to do?

1. Print Size

Wide-format printers are able to print larger images than standard office paper, and the machines are able to take in. A high-end office MFP can create reports, documents as well as business presentations. They also produce marketing materials like brochures and posters of a smaller size.

But a typical office printer may not satisfy the requirements of every company. The technology of wide-format printing has advanced dramatically over time with the goal of delivering large, high-quality images to every kind of business.

2. Print Media

Large-format printers produce prints on much more than cards or paper. Are you looking to print on wood, canvas tiles, glass, or tile? Absolutely! Large format print software can be customized to take in a variety of irregular objects as well as hard-to-reach surfaces whether flexible or rigid or suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

3. Print Quality

The quality of printing with wide-format printers is unmatched by the rest. LFPs print graphics and documents at an even higher quality as compared to an MFP. The droplet technology used by wide-format printers causes the resolution of the pixels to be indistinguishable. No matter how big your printout you can rest assured that the print quality will be awe-inspiring.

large format printers london

What Should You Look For In The Largest-Format Printer?

Large-format printers aren’t the only solution that is universally applicable. To determine the right printer for your company’s requirements, you must look over the following aspects:

1. Functionality

What is your primary requirement for an all-format printer? Do you require a print solely or a multifunction wide-format printer that also has the ability to scan? Does it matter if your printer can produce extremely fine lines? Is the best-in-class colour precision more important?

Knowing the specific requirements and the kind of material that you’ll be printing on will help narrow the options. It will help you determine the right type of ink to meet your printing needs, and the reverse will provide you with the options for printing that are available.

It’s also important to decide on the right size for your printer since wide-format printers come with different sizes and restrictions. Additionally, one thing few people think about is whether or not you’ll have to upgrade your entire computer to work with the new printer?

2. Colour Options

Large-format hoarding signage is designed to print in white and black, as well as others which print in colour and monochrome. Many companies that are looking for large-format printers opt for colour to allow for greater flexibility in printing.

When colour is needs for printing, the printer is able to print striking graphics and posters. However, it can also print sharp black-and-white documents if the use of colour isn’t necessary. If you print only technical documents, and you don’t require colour, you’ll probably be able to locate a printer with fast printing speeds and lower consumable expenses.

3. Speed of Print

Like all printers, the speed of printing for wide-format printers can measure in “PPM” (pages per minute); in the case of LFPs, it’s the amount of 24″ 36″ pages printed in a minute. A wide-format printer able to produce between 10 to twenty pages at a time is deemed to be speedy.

But, the speed of printing will differ significantly depending on the printing mode you’re using, whether “draft” style or in a high-quality model. It is also important to think about the amount of time it takes for the printer to get warm after waking up, particularly when you print lots of smaller jobs on the fly.

4. Cost (Upfront And For The Long-Term)

The initial price to purchase a printer will be just one of the costs to consider. There are ongoing maintenance expenses and consumable expenses such as colour cartridges or toners. These costs should consider when evaluating the possibility of purchasing printing large-format on your budget.

Think about purchasing your printer from a company that provides maintenance and service plans or even managed printing services, so that you don’t have worries about issues with your printer or ink supplies hindering your productivity.

When you’ve identified what your budget, functional and performance requirements are you can begin researching LFPs in the market after narrowing down your options.


Large-format printing has emerged as one of the top printing tools for marketing, offering an almost endless variety of print options that provide a plethora of possibilities for companies.

A wide-format hoarding signage board can end the cost, hassle and delays of outsourcing printing requirements. If a business relies on the rapid production of top-quality printing products featuring striking graphics and captivating images, investing in a large format printer could become a game-changer in busy offices.

Joe Maillet

Joe Millet, marketing manager of Sign Company in London, is well-known in the business and marketing community for his broad business and marketing skills. He is a user experience specialist and product thinker who is open to new challenges that offer value to the firm. He routinely contributes to the most popular blogging platforms, allowing him to share his decades of knowledge with a broader audience.

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