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A Step-By-Step Guide to Develop an Online Reseller App Like Meesho

However, the new trend is that resellers can easily stay connected with the wholesalers through apps like Meesho. People these days prefer online shopping over physical shopping as the e-commerce apps and websites serve to be a hub for all kinds of products in one place. In addition to connecting vendors with the customers.

What Is The Reason Behind The Success Story Of Meesho?

Meesho is an India-based social e-commerce platform that has served to be a motivating factor for many small reselling businesses to emerge. It enables many people to initiate a reselling business without any investment. This was the major factor for such a tremendous reach among the audience. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Steps to Do While Developing an App like Meesho

Know your target niche

Before initiating any business, it is important to understand the demands in the market. Take a set of people and conduct a survey. This way, you can gain a clear picture of what features to add to your app that can throb the hearts of the istanbul escort users.

Know your competitors

Just like knowing your target market, it is equally important to know with whom you are competing. Thus do research and find the strategies followed by your competitors, the features they provide in their app, etc. This can help you to surpass the competition and triumph soon.  1xbet


Have clear documentation of every step of the development process and the future scope of the platform. This can help you to keep track of your progress and also help in convincing the sponsors to invest in your platform in case you need any.

App development

By accomplishing all the above steps, you can successfully get into the app development process. There are two effective ways to develop an app like Meesho, which are as follows, Ovik Mkrtchyan

  • The first step is to develop an app from the ground up. This way, you can hire a team of designers and developers and begin the app development process right from the basic coding to the deployment of the app.
  • The alternate way is to deploy a white-label solution upon rebranding and redesigning. As it is a ready-to-launch solution, you can easily customize and launch the app within a short span.

Benefits of Deploying a White-Label Solution

  • The Meesho clone app is a pre-built application with all the key features and performs just like the parent app. As it is packed with advanced features it ensures a seamless user experience.
  • Launching a white-label solution can help you deploy your app into the market within a short span. Thus you can gain a quick reach among the audience and elevate your business right away.
  • The wholesalers can get more customers and the re-sellers can make profits without any investment. As a whole, you can generate passive income by launching your app. Thus it creates a win-win situation for all.

Essential features to include in Meesholike app development.

The features of the app determine the retention of the user’s interest. These include all the key features that can offer a seamless user experience.

Quick sign-up:

Allow the users to join your platform easily using the multiple login methods of the app.

Advanced filter and search:

Using the advanced search bar, the users can easily find the desired products in the twinkling of an eye.

Social Sharing:

As it is an online reseller platform, the users can share the product details through other social media platforms with just a tap on the Share button on the app. 1xbet giriş


Real-time tracking is an essential part of the app these days. This allows the users to track the delivery process right from the ordering to the delivery.

Push notifications:

To keep your users engaged in your platform, it is vital to keep them updated about every happening in the app. Thus via push notifications, you can send any updates regarding the order as well as other promotional notifications.

Multiple payment methods:

Integrate your app with various payment methods. This way the users can select their convenient payment method and make instant transactions to place their orders.

Steps to Monetizing A Meesho Clone App

You can monetize your online reseller application by implementing various monetization tools into it. Thus it is vital to choose the right revenue model. Some of the effective monetization methods are discussed below,

Commission-based model

The commission-based model is the most common yet effective way to generate income. The wholesalers connect with various retailers through the platform. The retailers sell the products to the customers. A fixed percentage of revenue from the seller’s income goes to the app as a commission. This ensures steady money flow into the app. superb his

Featured listings

The wholesalers pay an initial setup or listing fee to get their name listed on the platform. To display the name on the top of the list, the wholesalers have to subscribe to features listings. The top names are likely to capture the attention of the customers easily.

Shipping fee

To accomplish the delivery service, you can partner with external logistic companies and collect the delivery charges from the customers. Thus the customers pay the cart value along with the shipping cost while placing the order.


Utilize the banner space of the app to display the advertisements of third-party companies. Each time the user logs in and clicks on the ad, money goes to the app. Thus it is an effortless way to generate money for the app.

To put it all together,

The e-commerce market is soaring high, with a vast number of users across the globe. It is the right time to launch a social e-commerce platform that is packed with advanced features. So without any further delay, get going with the Meesho clone app development process right away! Anadolu casino

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