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Home Improvement

8 Features of LG Air Purifier that You Need to Know

As pollution levels witness a rise in urban and semi-urban spaces, an air purifier can be a potential lifesaver. LG has been one of the best manufacturers of air purifiers in India for many years. Here are a few features and benefits that LG air purifier offers, which make them worth the investment.

1. 360-degree coverage

LG air purifiers guarantee 360-degree purification of air. The air purifiers have a unique design that can facilitate the absorption of particulate matter from all around the room. The specially designed axial centrifugal fan provides around 20% more coverage than any other air purifier that you can find in the market. 

The air purifiers also contain guide vanes that make sure that all the air passes through the purifier efficiently. These are certain features that set LG air purifiers apart from its competitors. Thanks to these features, you don’t have to shift your air purifier to different parts of the room. An average LG air purifier can do the job efficiently without any manual intervention.

2. Powerful fan

The air purifier consists of an advanced fan that can throw purified air as far as 7.5 metres away. This horizontal range allows the air purifier to circulate clean air throughout the room, so that you can always inhale fresh, purified air. You can also turn on the “Swing” option to activate the boost cleanup mode. 

This circulates the fresh air at a 70 degrees angle. This will help the air spread faster throughout the room, and you can be assured of breathing clean air within a few minutes. Furthermore, the fan’s speed can be regulated depending on your requirement. The various options available are: Auto, Low, Middle, High and Turbo. 

3. 6 step filtration process

LG air purifiers boast of a lengthy 6 step filtration process that takes care of all the possible pollutants. This includes dust and allergens that can be lethal for people with respiratory issues like asthma. They also eliminate toxic gases like ammonia and the different oxides of sulphur and nitrogen that can cause irritation, cancer or even damage the nervous system. The first step is to remove the biggest dust particles that are visible to the naked eyes. The next step is to get rid of the ultra-fine microscopic dust particles that can also be harmful. The third step includes getting rid of allergens, which can be anything from pollen grains and fungal spores to house mites. The last three steps remove gases like ammonia, sulphur dioxide and other organic compounds. Removal of ammonia will also eradicate any foul odour that might generate in your room.
Moreover, LG air purifiers, with their purification technique can also assure good health and well-being.

4. Replaceable filters

The filters of LG air purifiers consist of three units. First is the HEPA filter which is a high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter. The next unit is a carbon deodorizing filter that removes all the toxic gases from the air. Lastly, you have an ultra-fine particle filter that filters out microbes and other tiny particulates. All of these filters are replaceable, which increases the overall lifespan of the air purifier. Additionally, the purifier has an indicator that notifies you when it’s time to get the filters replaced.

5. LED display with smart sensor

LG PuriCare purifiers have an LED display that updates you on the particulate measurement readings of your room in near-real-time. The pollution indicator is a spectrum that goes from green (safe) to red (alarming) to violet (polluted). The measurement can also be used by a smart sensor to configure the settings on the air purifier without manual intervention.

6. LG ThinQ

LG’s PuriCare air purifiers are smart devices, and hence, can be connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. You can then download the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone and control your air purifier from a distance. You can use the app to check the particulate measurements inside your room before you arrive. Accordingly, you can even switch on your air purifier before you reach home.

7. Modern build

The LG PuriCare purifiers are extremely effective in their functioning. They are also stylish and elegant, and blend seamlessly into every modern home. These are also small units that do not take up much space.

8. Low noise

A lot of people complain about air purifiers getting too noisy at maximum fan speed. The LG air purifiers have an effective solution to this problem. They are built with Chevron nozzles that are quite effective in minimizing the noise. Therefore, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep even when the air purifier is left on. 

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