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Digital Marketing

4 Reasons Your Business Doesn’t Appear On Google Maps

All types of businesses need to appear in Google’s search results, especially in map listings. Google My Business (GMB) listings appear in over 30% of search results, and it can be disappointing when yours does not. Getting your company on Google Maps has been a surefire strategy to boost your business’s local SEO.

This article will help you understand, how to get your company listed on Google Maps, what to do if your business isn’t listed, and how to improve your business’s Google Maps visibility.

How will your Company get listed on Google Maps?

For this, sign up for Google My Business and complete these two steps:

  • Sign up for Google My Business to claim or create the business.
  • Check the company with Google by selecting one of the methods of verification.

What steps you must take if your Company is still not visible on Google Maps?

Even after you have fulfilled the above-mentioned procedures to make your company visible on Google Maps, there must be some additional reasons why it isn’t happening. Here are four reasons for that:

  1. You confirmed in Google My Business that you are a Service Area Business (SAB).
  2. Your company is lacking authority.
  3. Your Google My Business listing is temporarily suspended.
  4. You are having duplicate or two Google My Business listings.

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In Google My Business, you categorized yourself as a Service Area Business (SAB)

If you don’t serve consumers from the defined address, you’re running a SAB. Therefore, you will not receive a pin. However, you will still be featured under Google Search with other local companies. If you serve consumers from the defined address, you should include that business address in GMB. Go to the management part in GMB and enter the business address in the information part of your profile.

Your company is lacking in authority

By default, Google displays authoritative companies. This means that when you zoom out of a region, mostly the renowned businesses show on the map. Zoom into the location to check whether your company appears or not. Another reason is that your company might be visible on the later part of the results of the page. So, check the end of the results as well. There will be an arrow towards the right  side, indicating towards the end results. You may also boost the authority of your area by improving the SEO.  Keeping your site’s SEO updated with proper information will enhance the rank of the GMB listing in local search results as well as your general organic search rankings.

The Google My Business listing of your business is temporarily suspended

Google has tight restrictions for companies listing in GMB. So, if anyone don’t follow these standards, the GMB listing will be momentarily deffered. Whenever such instances occur, check Google’s GMB standards, make the appropriate modifications, and approach Google to re-list your business.Moreover, click the “Learn more” link in the “Suspended” box, to resolve the issue for your suspension. You can also go straight to the Google My Business reinstatement request form as well. It will take a while, but after Google removes the suspension, your profile will be available on Google Search, Google Maps, and the Local Pack.

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There must be a duplicate Google My Business listings

Duplicate GMB listings provide contradictory information of your business to Google. It’s possible that your company has relocated and you haven’t updated about your previous listing. Another reason is you might have established a new GMB listing by mistake along with existing business address. So that creates a duplicate listing for Google. Anyways, one must have a distinct GMB listing for every area. Moreover, it almost takes three days or even a bit longer for Google, to update your listings. However, if you are waiting for more than 15 days, contact Google directly. Request them to process your edited information immediately.


Following these above steps can help solve your problem. Keep checking your GMB, so that it isn’t suspended. Fill it with quality material, and keep updating the details from time to time. If all the information is correct, then automatically it will start working smoothly.

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